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Our Team

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Our organization has resources to analyze, design and develop applications using path breaking technologies. Both pre-sales and post sales have their own research areas on state-of-the-art hardware and software platforms.

Technical head

All projects are cordinated by our technical head who plans on the technologies to be used and allocates them to the right department either at the project level or at the modular level.

Web department

Our web department is focused on everything to do with the internet, be it programming mailshots, developing websites, setting up adsense, setting hosting or emails etc... Our web team is highly trained to be able to provide positive results.

Application department

 Be it development, intergration, installation or training our experts are well trained in developing applications using microsoft’s .NET technologies. Our Application department’sprimery focus over the next few years is mobile platform development i.e. RIM, IOS, ANDROID etc...