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Full service Method

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Webart believes that successful initiatives come as a result of comprehensive and strategic mobilization across a number of fronts. Accordingly, our team is organized to handle your IT requirements from design, security, and technical standpoints. This means that we take everything from development technology requirements, to implementation and security needs into consideration when examining your over-arching business goals. Our team believes that working with one firm, on an intimate basis, results in the preservation of continuity among all major success criterion.

Web Art’s 4-D Methodology


In the discovery phase, Web Art is focused on understanding project goals and objectives. This includes “as is” and “to be” analysis through a discovery forum session. The main purpose of this stage is to ascertain the lay of the land and to construct a communicative foundation upon which to begin to define the actual scope of our work together


In the Define phase, we are focused on bringing clarity and organization to the project through phase planning, priority setting, and fiscal analysis. This phase may include a number of deliverables including:

Business Module

RIO, Competitive and content analysis

Strategic Design Components

Modules, Creative Brief  Features and Functions Document, Look Feel Prototypes, Focus Group Studies, Workflow Documents for Application and Database Development

Strategic Work Plan

Survey Development plan, Work Plan Schedule for implementation, and Budgeted Breakdown for critical Task.


In the Development phase Web Art is focused on delivering all mission critical elements. This phase may include; Project analysis, Requirement, Aplication Development, Database Development, Quality assurance Testing.


The delvery stage consists of: Installation,Training, Support and warrantly